PTE (Pearson Test of English) is worldwide acknowledged English language test for study abroad and immigration. PTE Scores are acceptable by numerous colleges and universities worldwide. PTE test involves assessment of the students in four twigs of English language i.e. reading, listening, writing and speaking. PTE test worldwide conducted as online test and scores are sent to students within 48 hrs after finishing the test. Attempted PTE tests are assessed on scale of 90 for different parameters like grammar, spellings, pronunciation, speed, content, understanding, multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks.

Our PTE Software includes all PTE type questions in each modules briefing as hereunder:


Re-Order Paragraph
Multiple Choice Single Answer/Multiple Answers
Fill In The Blanks- Reading
Reading And Writing Fill In The Blanks


Summarize Spoken Text
Multiple Choice Single Answer/Multiple Answers
Write From Dictation
Fill In The Blanks
Select Missing Words
Highlight Incorrect Words


Read Aloud
Describe Image
Re-Tell Lecture
Repeat Sentence
Short Answer Questions


Write Essay
Summarize Written Text